Business Continuity


The Better Way: Business Continuity


Business continuity describes a complete solution for backup and disaster
recovery. A true business continuity solution will protect data on-premises
and in the cloud. Whether data is on servers or in SaaS applications, it needs
to be backed up. Business continuity goes a step further and offers you the
ability to restore your data, which we call disaster recovery.

Whether a business is faced with a natural disaster, or one man-made,
a strong solution will have you up and running in minutes. Solutions that
leverage the hybrid cloud can guarantee a quicker restore time as well.
Why? Local backups are great to keep data stored on local devices, but if
something happens to that device, then what? A hybrid cloud backup solution
takes an initial backup on a local device, and then replicates the backup to
a cloud server. Cloud-only solutions are not as reliable on their own due to
bandwidth issues. A hybrid model works to alleviate the vulnerabilities by
implementing both processes to fill in the gaps. That’s intelligent business continuity.

Total Data Protection


Have confidence that your company is protected against any outage resulting
from a disaster. Never worry about the potential personal or financial
consequences of such a disaster. Protect your business data no matter where
it lives with Total Data Protection from Datto.
Datto differentiators include:
• Innovative proprietary technology, such as Inverse Chain Technology and
Screenshot Backup Verification.
• Lightning-fast data restore – average of 6 seconds.
• Award-winning 24x7x365 tech support. Datto’s around-the-clock support
means you’re guaranteed assistance, even during off-peak times.
It’s time to safeguard the credibility of your company the same way you
safeguard your clients. Investing in intelligent business continuity with Datto is an investment in your business’ future.